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    Eclispe MicroPen




MicroPen™ Superiority

Before and After Photos

Close up of Eclipse MicroPen with a hand attaching the tip.


The Eclipse MicroPen automated micro-needling device is the most effective, reliable instrument currently available for performing Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy (PCIT). This elegant tool can be used for the successful treatment of a variety of indications.

MicroPen creates a series of predictable, controlled epidermal and dermal micro-injuries, thereby stimulating the body's immune response to produce new collagen and elastin. MicroPen is used in combination with Hyaluronic Acid peptides gel and other peptide gels to hydrate and re-epithelialize the skin. It is also used extensively to infuse anti-redness, lightening agents and anti-acne serums to the needed depth. The device is battery operated, allowing for freedom of movement without interference from an attached power cord.


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  • Needle size: 32 gauge
  • Needle count: 12 medical grade surgical stainless steel
  • Device: robust stainless steel construction
  • Complete control of depth of injury (0.25 to 2.75 mm)
  • Speed: 142 Hz (cycles /sec)
  • Cordless with lithium ion battery
  • 4 hours working time on a 75 min charge
  • Sterile, single use tips

Close up of Eclipse MicroPen with the tip on.

MicroPen™ Superiority

MicroPen™ vs. Dermal Roller Devices

  • Substantially lower cost per procedure
  • Penetration at 90° angle affording a true depth of penetration
  • Adjustable vs. fixed depth
  • More uniform healing
  • Ease of use around eyes
  • Faster
  • More comfortable
  • Less risk of cross contamination
  • Newer innovation
  • Results in a more substantial treatment

MicroPen™ vs. DermaPen

  • Substantially lower cost per procedure
  • Battery operated / cordless
  • Stainless steel
  • 12 needle tip - medical grade stainless steel
  • 32 gauge needles
  • 142 Hz - high speed = less discomfort
  • Substantially higher cost per procedure
  • Tethered to wall
  • Plastic
  • 11 needle tip - steel
  • 33 gauge needles
  • Adjustable speed up to 90 Hz

Before and After Photos



Immediately After

35 Days After a Single Treatment

Before - Courtesy of Dr. Jody Comstock

After - Courtesy of Dr. Jody Comstock



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