Fat Harvesting & Liposuction 

Fat Harvesting/Grafting Systems

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Fat Grafting has, once again, become quite popular.  This is due in large part to changes in the harvesting, handling and reinjection techniques now available to the practicing clinician.  MedEdge, as always, is out in front with the best options for you, your practice and your patients.


  • Completely reusable collection systems – NO CONSUMABLES WHATSOEVER

  • Closed system to meet FDA guidelines and dramatically increase viablity


  • 5 different sizes & 2 different styles of harvesting canisters to insure the best quality fat for any procedure


  • Extremely affordable


  • Microcannula for harvesting and reinjection


  • Reusable and disposable harvesting and reinjection cannula to meet any standard

  • Fat emulsification technologies that render “touchup” procedures a thing of the past

Please visit the MedEdge shop to purchase any of the items shown, along with the compatible tubing, connectors and equipment.