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EVULSE Adipose Micronizer:  Versatile Tissue Sizing In One Device

The LTM EVULSE Adipose Micronizer is a unique device that produces multi-size adipose tissue aliquots, which can be utilized for structural, scaffolding and cellular enrichment applications.

Tissue can be sized accordingly, as a scaffold, or as a structural injection material, for Living Tissue Therapies.

The LTM EVULSE Adipose Micronizer features an internal Dual Blade, which fragments tissue prior to passing through a disc with precisely engineered, sized blades and maintains the viability of the cell and tissue structure.


Why does that matter?  It eliminates the need to pass tissue multiple (30+) times, and that makes it more efficient and ergonomic.

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The EVULSE Difference

The EVULSE Adipose Micronizer can produce multiple sized tissue and adipose particulates.  Just pick the size fat you need and go:

  • Macro Fat -- 2.00mm for "Structure"

  • Milli Fat -- 1.5mm for "Scaffolding / Less Structure"

  • Micro Fat -- 1.0mm for "Less Scaffolding"

  • Nano Fat -- 500µm for "Regeneration"

The EVULSE produces higher cell counts than the competition, with an average TNC count of:

6.24 x 10^6, Viability 85%+, 2900 CFU/ml

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SURE-LOC CANNULA - Safe, Secure Universal Locking Hub

The LTM SURE-LOC is a sterile, single-use cannula that features a proprietary internal and external pressure fit, providing a secure and reliable experience.  Works with all traditional luer lock syringes.


  • Maintains consistent vacuum pressure during aspiration.

  • The proprietary SURE-LOC connection is never compromised.



  • Secure air-tight connection that withstands torque forces during tissue harvest.


  • Sterile, closed, single-use device. 

  • Eliminates potential cross contamination issues.

A MedEdge Sales Professional will happily help you choose the Healeon Medical products that work best for your practice and treatment protocols.

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Each Tray Features:

• 1 ea EVULSE Adipose Micronizer, 500μm, sterile, single use
• 1 ea EVULSE Adipose Micronizer, 1500μm, sterile, single use
• 1 ea SURE-LOC Cannula, Harvester, 2.4mm x 15cm, sterile, single use
• 1 ea SURE-LOC Cannula, Infiltrator, 2.1mm x 15cm, sterile, single use

The All-In-One Adipose Kit is sold in boxes of 5 trays. 

The Perfect Way To Get Started With the Living Tissue System!

The LTM ALL-IN-ONE Adipose Kit features everything the practitioner needs to get started or make the transition from an existing harvest system in one, sterile, single use kit.