MedEdge Technical Services

Our committment to supporting you after the sale means MedEdge is available to provide service to ensure your equipment is always up and running. Contact us to discuss the options available and determine what best fits your practice's needs.

Repair Service

Our standard service call involves asessing and repairing your laser if it is inoperative and/or performing the manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance to keep your device in peak operating condition.

Pricing for the "no contract" option (NCO) includes labor and travel; parts are additional.  MedEdge keeps many parts in stock, which limits downtime and often the need for additional visits.  If additional work is required, an estimate for parts and labor will be submitted for your approval.  Advantages of choosing the No Contract option (NCO) from MedEdge:

  • No contract necessary

  • You pay only when a service call is required or requested

Preventative Maintenance Contract

To keep your device in peak operating condition, laser manufacturers recommend service twice a year. Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule ensures optimum efficacy, minimizes risks and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns that inconvenience your patients and cause lost profits for your business.

Advantages of choosing the Preventative Maintenance Plan (PMP):

  • Two (2) regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits per year, scheduled at your convenience

  • Electrical calibrations of analog circuits

  • Optical performance testing, alignment and calibration

  • Report of system status both before and after service

  • No additional charge for parts used during PM

(Note:  PMP includes preventative services only.  Repairs required outside of preventative maintenance will be billed according to MedEdge's regular repair rate.)

Full Service Contracts

This option includes complete coverage for the entire system. Parts, Labor and Travel included.

  • 2 regular PM visits per year, plus necessary repairs during the contract period

  • Priority scheduling response time

  • Complete service history maintained and available if necessary

  • Includes labor and travel

  • Parts included, with the exception of disposables 

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