Beyond Nano, Experience Real Pico

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Remove Inks & Pigment Fast

PicoCare is the only FDA-cleared 4-wavelength picosecond laser and the clear choice for effective next-generation ink and pigment removal as well as textural improvement.

The innovative technology of the PicoCare 450 Nd:YAG laser system delivers unparalleled results in speed, effectiveness and comfort for all tattoo ink and pigment colors.

Better Results. Fewer Treatments. No Side Effects.

PicoCare’s advanced photomechanical method can achieve better, more precise results in fewer treatments—minimizing skin damage without side effects.

Unparalleled Performance

When an unparalleled combination of ideal wavelengths, stunning speed, incredible power, and patient comfort meet, amazing performance happens.

PicoCare: Clearly Better

  • Four picosecond wavelengths for removal of ALL colors (Twice that of any other device)

  • 66% more power (1.33 GW)

  • Effective, ultra-fast ink and pigment removal results

  • Additional treatment for scars, pores, fine lines, melasma, and more

  • No thermal skin damage

  • Optimal beam quality and top-hat profile

  • Easy-to-use touch-screen interface with presets

  • Noticeably quieter operation

  • No consumables

  • Greater profitability with minimal costs


  • Dermal Pigment Lesions

    • All Colors of Tattoo Ink

    • Nevus of Ota/Ito/Blue

    • ABNOM (Acquired Bilateral Nevus of Ota-like Macular)

    • Freckles

    • Melasma

    • PIH

  • Epidermal Lesions

    • Age Spots

    • Solar/Simplex Lentigo

    • Café au Lait

  • Genesis mode

    • Flushing

    • Acne redness

    • Redness

    • Improve texture and tone

Technology Comparisonarison


  • Fewer/No side effects

  • Less/No discomfort

  • Fewer Treatments

  • Better Outcomes

  • Higher patient satisfaction


  • More side effects

  • More Painful

  • More Treatments

  • Limited Removal

  • Disappointed / dissatisfied          patients


More Than Tattoos

In addition to tattoo and pigmented lesion removal, PicoCare offers fractional treatments for scars, pores, fine lines, melasma, and more.


Fractional Handpiece

Optional  Handpiece

Zoom Handpiece

Fractional MLA Handpiece

Collimation Handpiece 7mm

A MedEdge Sales Professional will happily assist you in obtaining the PicoCare for  your practice and treatment protocols.