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X Taz™ Mask contains a proprietary blend of the highest quality medical grade hyaluronic acid, along with ingredients providing anti-inflamatory, astringent, anti-oxidant and skin remodeling ingredients such as Nicotinamide, Jojoba Seed Oil, Witch Hazel Extract, Pro-vitamin B5, Allantoin and Collagen Amino Acids.


Perfect for use after Collagen Induction Therapies (CIT) such as Procell Microchanneling, DiamondTome DT2 microdermabrasion, Edge One CO2 fractionated treatments, Dermaplane or chemical peels. X Taz™ Mask will saturate your skin with moisture. Weekly use helps to maintain the results of any facial procedure, as well as continuing to provide anti-aging benefits and visibly noticeable wrinkle reduction. Each box of X Taz comes with 25 masks.


This easy to use infused mask is made of a non-woven cloth that folds out ready to be placed onto your face. The pre-cut shape and eye/nose openings make this mask a comfortable fit for use while watching TV, reading your newspaper or simply relaxing.

 A MedEdge Sales Professional will happily assist you in getting started incorporating X-Taz into your practice.